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About Us...

The MoreThan BackOffice team, all of whom have substantial industry experience, were brought together by our founder to bring to life the vision of a one stop outsourcing agency. Our company's primary objective is to deliver a comprehensive array of support services to individual IFAs and financial advisory firms of all sizes, across all jurisdictions. We have the benefit of being able to say that all of our careers have been established within financial services, in the backoffice roles which we are offering, meaning that you can be assured to receive the very best outsourced solutions in the industry.

Why outsource?

When you outsource to MoreThan BackOffice, you immediately allow your company to improve efficiency whilst lowering costs.  Once engaged with us, we will handle the areas contracted out with no need for supervision, giving you the time to focus on core business activities and maximise growth.

  • No recruitment costs

  • No HR burdens or responsibilities

  • No tax or NI contributions

  • Full flexibility

Why Choose Us?

At MoreThan BackOffice, we recognise the unique challenges faced by financial service firms when it comes to managing administrative tasks. From complex paperwork and time-consuming processes to stringent reporting requirements we understand the intricacies involved in keeping your business running smoothly. That's why we've assembled a team of professionals, all with a wealth of industry experience, allowing you to hand over your outsourcing requirements to us for the full, letting us take care of all your requirements without having to engage with numerous firms.

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